Linux Selecting Time Zone does not change time time on the Virtual Machine

Question: Why is it so hard to change time and synchronize time on Multiple Server Machines? I am trying to set time to the correct Time Zone by typing:

1. tzselect in Linux Command (Shell) and going through the wizard but the time does not change on the VM.
2. I have tried to update the System in hope that the time will be updated to the timezone set in the TimeZone file located in /etc folder.

What is going on?

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Changing the time on a Linux distro is always an issue, at least to the best of my knowledge. Sometimes, what works for another Developer does not necessarily work for another. In this case, I will share what worked for me.


1. Make sure that you have a file called localtime in folder called /etc.
    - Type: cd /etc
    - Then type: ls. #to list all subfolders and files in the /etc directory.
2. After verifying the localtime does actually exists, move on to step 3.
3. Navigate to /usr/share/zoneinfo/America #Or find your Time Zone in the zoneinfor folder and make note that the file 

    [NB]: Make sure the Time Zone you have noted is actually a file and not a folder. Folders have a different color than a file, so make sure your time zone is actually a file because we are going to make a copy of that file. It would jeopardize every if you made a mistake thinking the Folder was a file and then copying that folder into a file. 

4. Type: sudo cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Detroit /etc/localtime
5. After the command has been executed verify the date and time are actually correct. 
    Type: date

I hope this helped you, if not then check out the other article Here.
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