Html5 Code element is rendering HTML Elements with one Quotation Mark and another with one apostrophe

Problem: When appending HTML5 elements to the div using JQuery, a class attribute shows one apostrophe instead of quotation marks.


//You have JavaScript code that appends HTML5 Element to the Div and code renders with one missing Quotation Mark or renders with one Quotation Mark and then another with an Apostrophe.

var template = "div class="lazy' "

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(1). Look around your HTML5 code and find one element that is missing a quotation mark, once this is fixed run your application and check for the problem.
(2). If the problem still exists after changing the code (correcting the missing apostrophe or quotation mark), empty the Browsers Cache or click your Website and Press CTRL + SHIFT and then R at the same time. (Pressing CTRL + SHIFT and then R at the same time works only in Chrome Web Browser, this might change depending on when you read this. What it does is, it requests the same web page from the Server instead of the Cache).


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