How to make Navigation to increase user experience

Navigation is one of the important designs to implement in your Social Network app, for example, you don’t want to require a lot of clicks before a user signs up.

This way, signing up and acquiring more users would not be a pleasant experience. The process would hinder onboarding new users and the end users might even quit during the process of signing up.

Making the process of onboarding new users easy and quick will save users time and increase their experience. User experience is very important and as a Social Media owner, you should always strive to make users' lives better.

There got to be an element of a problem that you are solving with your Social Media application, it could be that you are solving a boredom problem or connecting users with clients or users to users that is why the experience has to be good.

Tip: Every page on your web app should contain one logical topic, e.g if a page is for signing up, let it be for signing up. Don’t include too many elements that would restrict a user from accomplishing what they want to do.

A good example will be the Google Search page, why is it so clean and only a few elements on the page? This is to make users focus on only what is important and that is Search.

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