InvalidOperationException: An error was generated for warning 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Query.InvalidIncludePathError

Question: How do you solve for this error? "InvalidOperationException: An error was generated for warning 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Query.InvalidIncludePathError': Unable to find navigation 'Modelname' specified in string based include path 'ModelName'. This exception can be suppressed or #logged by passing event ID 'CoreEventId.InvalidIncludePathError' to the 'ConfigureWarnings' method in 'DbContext.OnConfiguring' or 'AddDbContext'."

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The error message suggests that there is a problem with the "include" path used in a query in your code, specifically with the navigation property "MyModal" which is not recognized by the Entity Framework.

You may have misspelled the name of the navigation property or it may not be properly defined in the entity class. Double-check the spelling and make sure that the navigation property exists and is properly defined in the entity class.

You can also try using the strongly-typed version of the "Include" method instead of the string-based version to avoid this kind of error. This involves specifying the navigation property using lambda expressions.

For example:

context.Users.Include(u => u.MyModal)

Finally, you can suppress or log this warning by adding the following code to your DbContext class:

protected override void OnConfiguring(DbContextOptionsBuilder optionsBuilder)
    optionsBuilder.ConfigureWarnings(warnings => warnings.Throw(CoreEventId.InvalidIncludePathError));

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