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Question: Why is IIS Just-In-Time debugging error popping up when testing #Asp.Net Application in IIS? The error says "An unhandled win32 exception occured in #w3wp.exe [6368], The Just-In-Time debugger was lauched without necessary security permission. To debug this process, the Just-In-Time debugger must be running as an Administrator. Would like to debug this process?

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First let us understand why this error might be happening in IIS, there is a chance that you deployed your application using Development [Publishing] Settings and set the Environment Variable in "ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT to #Development" in your IIS Application Configuration Editor Section in IIS.

In Addition to having set the "ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT to Development" in the system_webServer/aspNetCore/environment/Variable that is found by clicking the hosted (Globe) application, Visual Studio must be installed for this error to pop up.

Step 1. 
      In able to resolve this the "iis just in time debugging error" uninstall the Visual Studio on the #Server, if this server is a Production Server you shouldn't install Visual Studio on the #Production Server anyway.

The following Microsoft Visual Studio component should uninstalled.
"Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Isolated) - ENU" if you have many of this Shell program Uninstall them and reboot your Server or PC.

Step 2.
    In the IIS, set the Environment Variable to "Production" so that #IIS does not prompt you to debug the application. If you need to test the application then do this in the Development Environment.

[A More Risky way] This error happens in some updated #Windows Operating System, especially in Windows 11. If this is the case work to delete the following HKEY or Registry Key located at


Keep in mind that the Registry is not something to play with, unless you know what you are doing. My recommendation is to stay away from the #Registry Editing.

Other option to explore is to find another way to disable IIS #JIT debugger.


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