HTTP Error 500.19 Internal server error

Question: How do you solve for error in IIS when Hosting ASP.NET Core on Windows with IIS, how do you enable IIS core hosting handler to run Asp.Net Core Application?

When I deploy the app am getting the Error "HTTP Error 500.19 when publishing .net core project into iis with 0x80070005" the error also states "HTTP Error 500.19 on Internet".

Solution: When you publish Asp.Net Core and attempt to run in IIS, the following should be correct and verified.

1. Check the Permission is correct for the IIS_USR, this should encompass the whole folder

2. Check the IIS Web Server Application has access to the Web.Config file, this file defines the HttpHandler that handles the requested proxied by IIS into the ASP.Net Core Application.

- Provided the application was published to run out of Process, the ASP.Net Core application is started and monitored by the "IIS ASP.Net Core Bundler" this handler is responsible for starting and stopping the application.

- The handler should be registered or showing in the IIS, check the Web.Config file to see if it is pointing to the correct path to the HTTP Handler Module in IIS.

3. Enable Windows or Anynomouse Authentication on the IIS Server Level.
    This allows the application to be accessed and consumed (pages) without authentication. If you have any pages that need Authorization, handle that on the Application Level.

4. Disable IIS Impersonation, (I don't know how this works but it never helped me resolve the issue).

5. Asp.Net Core hosting Module works as installing a HttpPlatformHandler when hosting the DNX/DNU application in the IIS Web Server. The same concept applies here since the Asp.Net Core or ASP.Net 5 originated from the DNX kind of Software Architecture.

I hope this helps, leave a comment below if this helped you.

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