Nginx (Error) 503 Bad Gateway

Nginx Bad Gate-Away Error

        When you work with Nginx Server as a Web Server or a Reverse Proxy Server, sometimes you might experience a "Bad Gateway" Error where Ingenx fails to load the Application. The solution to solving this problem in Ubuntu is by going to


folder and then getting the error log file, and bringing it to the local machine to examine it. Most of the time the error looks like this:

2019/02/26 16:16:45 [error] 12544#12544: *5608 upstream sent too big header while reading response header from 

 Specifically working with Drupal 8, Nginx, and PHP7.2-fpm, it is advisable to check the error logs in the var/logs folder if you are working with Ubuntu Linux (18.0.4). When you check the logs, you will find the #Nginx logs folder and find a current log, copy the error into Google Search and find how other developers resolved the issue. 
In my case the error was:
2019/01/03 15:56:15 [error] 3694#3694: *36 upstream sent too big header while reading
response header from upstream, client: 98.987.8776, server: ,
request: "GET /dormainName HTTP/1.1",
upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php/php7.2-fpm.sock:",
host: "176.098.87:81"
 Navigate to the sites-available folder in etc => nginx and find the sites-available folder then modify whatever file name you have that defines the sites-enabled. Under location
~ '\.php$|^/update.php' {} block?


include the code below for FastCGI to return/accept a large buffer.
    fastcgi_max_temp_file_size 0;
    fastcgi_buffers 128 2048k;
    fastcgi_buffer_size 2048k;

    fastcgi_read_timeout 600;
    fastcgi_send_timeout 600;


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