[Easy Fix] Linux Ubuntu 18.04 SFTP Error "Received message too long" using FileZilla

Question: How do you solve the Error that comes when you are trying to SFTP into a Server using FileZilla, the error shows as " Recieved message too long"

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This is caused by the output text that shows on your Ubuntu 18.04 Linux Server when you login, apperantly SFTP Service or Client does not know how to render text that comes from this welcome page. The text or jiubrish is printed by ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc file in the user home directory. If you can recongnize the echo text in these files you can go ahead and comment them out as you do not want those text to be echoed. Follow the steps below to solve this issue.

In you linux Server Enviroment navigate to and edit the file /etc/ssh/ssh_config 

1. Comment out the line that says: Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server # put a harsh # infront of this line
2. Add the following line next to the line above (that is commented): Subsystem sftp internal-sftp ##you need to type this line
4. Make sure you restart the Services for SFTP on Linux otherwise you won't see any changes.

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