Can't bind the IDataView column ColumnName of type VectorSingle, 2 to field or property AnotherColumnName of type System.Single


Problem: Microsoft Machine Learning Predicting Data point with Time Series using ForecastBySsa Algorithm Error:  Message=Can't bind the IDataView column 'BallOne' of type 'Vector<Single, 2>' to field or property 'BallOne' of type 'System.Single'.





   at Microsoft.ML.Data.TypedCursorable`1..ctor(IHostEnvironment env, IDataView data, Boolean ignoreMissingColumns, InternalSchemaDefinition schemaDefn)

   at Microsoft.ML.Data.TypedCursorable`1.Create(IHostEnvironment env, IDataView data, Boolean ignoreMissingColumns, SchemaDefinition schemaDefinition)


Solution: When working with IDataView to hold your Machine Learning Raw Data, the data is lazy loaded and normally stored as Vector DataType. You might know that Machine Learning works good with with Vector data type, hence in order to have the data type mapped correctly navigate to your Predication Class and change the data type Field you are trying to predict to "float[]" as this can hold several data for one field. I hope this helps, if not leave me a comment below. 




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