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Inside this article, you will read about "Why ErnesTech is Developing online tools", the latest product by ErnesTech, and one special offer you can't miss.
Once again, it is a pleasure to keep you up-to-date with ErnesTech. Here is what is going on this week.

1. ErnesTech launched a Candle Line, Red Magnolia Scented Candle made with Natural Soy Wax by ErnesTech.
   This candle is only available for the price of $10.00 USD and ships to the US only. The burn time for this candle is 30 hours and all ingredients are natural Soy Wax and essential fragrance oils. Try it and let us know what you think.
   You can see details here

2. ErnesTech created a tool that converts the PDF file to HTML, this tool is still under development and accepting feature suggestions. Let us know if this tool is helpful or not.

Earlier in the introduction, I mentioned reading about why ErnesTech is developing online tools, well the answer is there aren't any good tools online let alone free of charge.

It is for this reason that ErnesTech believes in helping others accomplish their goals by developing free online tools to use. Give this tool a try and lets us know what you think and don't forget to let us know if there is a tool you need us to develop.

3. In addition, we also worked on the Grid-Method tool that allows Pencil Artist to draw the Grid-Outline on the Reference Image. Wondering what a Grid-Method is? get the book below and learn about the Grid-Method tool and how artists use this method to draw realistic images.

Link to the Grid-Method tool

[Offer]: For the first time, you can now read the first 20 pages of the "How to Draw Realistic Photos: Easy Tips and Tricks: Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve your Drawings Hardcover - Learn to draw books for beginners [drawing images]" book.

That is it for this week, I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

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