Drupal 8.7 can't clear the cache in the Administration Dashboard After a long time without clearing cache

Problem: When you let your Drupal 8.7 website cache content and assets for a long time without clearing the cache, keep in mind that sometimes when you attempt to clear the cache, the website might throw an error.

- When this happens, don't panic instead see solution below:

Error: The website encountered an error, please try again later.

Solution: Keep on clearing the cache until you see the "Cache Cleared Successfully" on your dashboard notification section. There is a chance that Drupal 8.7 core library is only clearing the cache 1 week going back, this is, of course, depends on the setting you have defined on the same page you are clearing the cache.

- Keep in mind that clearing the Cache unnecessary can cost your website some performance hit. This should be done only when it is absolutely necessary like when deploying new modules.


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