What is Computer Programming

Computer programming is basically writing computer instructions in form of code,  these computer instructions or code is then compiled into an application that runs as a program on the computer. Computer instructions can be written/coded using many different languages called “Programming Languages”. There are many Programming Languages that can be used to write a program, to name a few:

  • Java
  • C-Sharp or C#
  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • JavaScript

The above-named Programming Languages can be used differently depending on the task needed to be completed. For example, many Software Developers or Computer Programmers prefer to use C-Sharp or C# as a Server-side Programming Language. We will explain the three stacks of Software Development below. Every programming language has that one thing that a Computer Programmer likes, for example, we might conclude that the reason why most Software Developers like programming in C#  is because of its rich intelligence or friendly programming environment. This goes with many languages too, other Software Developers would prefer to use Java because of it’s Cross-Platform nature. As mentioned before, every Programming Language has its pros and cons.

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