what is OEM Pack in cpu

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which refers to a company that produces hardware or software components that are designed to be used by other companies in their own products. In the context of CPUs (Central Processing Units), an OEM pack typically refers to a bundle of hardware and software components that are designed to be used together in a specific product.

An OEM pack for a CPU might include the physical CPU chip, as well as any necessary drivers, firmware, and other software components that are required for the CPU to function properly in a particular device or system. These components are typically provided by the manufacturer of the CPU and are intended to be used by other companies to create their own products.

OEM packs can be useful for companies that want to quickly and easily integrate a specific CPU into their product, without having to develop all of the necessary software and drivers themselves. By using an OEM pack, these companies can save time and resources, while still ensuring that their product is fully functional and compatible with the chosen CPU.


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