How to Make Visual Studio Run Faster

Question: How do you make Visual Studio Run Faster on a Slow Computer?

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  1. Make sure that there are no other unused files or tabs open in the Visual Studio Working Area.
  2. Make sure that you haven't opened up other Programs on your Computer that are consuming memory or CPU power
    If you do: Right-click on the Task-bar and Click on "Task Manager" and close the suspected program that has High CPU consumption. Make sure that you are not closing the Program or Child of the Program you want to open or Use.
  3. Another option you may try is clearing the temp folder that has temporary files that programs use (this will free up space), 
      a. Click the "Windows" key on your computer's keyboard at the same time press the Key "R" (Windows Key + R) to bring up the folder with temp files.
    b. Delete all the temporary files in the Temp Folder.

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