Upgrading to .Net Core 3.1 Error Visual Studio 2019: dotnet core 3.1 rzc generate exited with code 2147450730

Problem: When upgrading to Dot Net Core 3.1 from .Net Core 3.0 after installing the Visual Studio Dot Net Core 3.1 SDK (that allows you to run and develop ASP.NET CORE apps), you might experience an error that says: rzc generate exited with code 2147450730. 

- When this error happens, make sure that you are using the current Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4 and that you have installed .Net Core 3.1 SDK Visual Studio and the right version 16 bits or x86 (this will depend on the version of Visual Studio you have installed. If you have a different version 16 bits of Visual Studio and you try to install X86 of .Net Core SDK, you might get yourself into problems).

Solution: When the above requirement is verified, use the command prompt and the .Net Core CLI to build your project, you will see a Network Interface and the Firewall prompt that asks you to allow .Net Core 3.1 SDK - Runtime to have access to the File System, go ahead and grant access and all should build.

Josh said:

Update: What resolved for me was to uninstall DotNet Core 3.1 SDK version X86. I had Visual Studio X64 installed. After updating Visual Studio to 16.4, the update installed the latest .Net Core SDK with the right version. If You see this error it most likely that you have installed a wrong version of .Net Core SDK or Runtime.

Posted On: March 02, 2020 18:16:22 PM

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