How to Develop Drupal 8, PHP and MySQ on Windows 10 Linux Subsystem

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  • When developing using PHP7.2-fpm (A highly PHP Engine for high traffic PHP Sites) make sure that you have enabled Status Page to help you determine the health of PHP. This is very useful, to do this: open up php7.2/fpm/pool.d/www.config  and uncomment pm/status_path = /status 
  • After the above is done, type; sudo php-fpm -t (to see if the configuration has no errors)
  • Then restart PHP-fpm Server by typing: sudo systemctl restart php-fpm 
  1.  sudo service mysql start  (to start the database)
  2.  sudo service php7.2-fpm start  (to start the PHP server for processing PHP files)
  3.  sudo service nginx start  (for starting nginx server)
  4.  sudo service memcached start  (to start Memcached server)

    How to Uninstall PHP7.2-fpm if it gives you problems
  5.  sudo apt-get autoremove --purge php-fpm 
  6.  sudo apt-get clean  (to the clean the apt system)
  7.  sudo apt-get autoclean  (to rebuilt the apt system)
  8.  sudo apt-get autoremove (to remove installation that never succeeded)

  9.  ps aux | grep mysqld (to see mysqld processes just in case you want to kill all processes and reset the root password)
  10.  killall mysqld mysqld_safe (Kills all processes for mysqld and mysqld_safe [This command does not work sometimes make sure you check if there are any MySQL process hanging])
  11. After 9 and 10 are performed, you can now restart MySQL or do whatever you wanted to do in the first place.


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