Windows 10 Linux Subsystem- Develop with Ruby on Rails on Windows 10

Windows 10 Linux Subsystem- Develop with Ruby on Rails on Windows 10
Linux is easy to use, why? because everything is stored as text files and the folder structure is easy to understand. If you are like me you might just like Linux for Development. What you will learn in this wiki:

  • Activate Developer's Mode on Windows 10 and have awesome features
  • Activate Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 Distro at this moment) and Develop Ruby on Rails or Drupal (PHP-fpm02)
  1. On Windows 10, navigate to "Settings" then "Update & Security" then click on "For developers" on the right; check the radio button "Developer mode"
  2. Restart your Computer
  3. Navigate to "Control Panel" then "Programs and Features", on the left, click "Turn Windows features on or off" and then check on "Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)"
  4. Restart your computer again
  5. Go to Cortana Search box and type "bash" you should see a Bash Shell/Console, right-click and start as administrator
  6. The Bash Shell will prompt you for UserName and Password you want to use for Linux Subsystem
  7. Install updates and upgrade your Linux Distro
  8. Follow this tutorial to install Ruby on Rails on your new Linux Distro (link here)
  9. After everything in installed, type this command in your projects root folder to start the Rails Server
    rails s -b (This command starts Rails Server and Listens on Traffic coming from all IP address)
  10. Command to start Postgresql Database Server
    service postgresql start

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