Animating LED Strip using ESP 32 (led door sill pro)Click to Watch Video

WLED and BTF-Light Strip and ESP 32 Configuration

1. Make sure that you have flashed wled software on ESP 32 using
     - In order to flush software to ESP 32 Development Board, you need to hold/press Boot button
       on the board, once the Chrome COM Port is detected and connected, let the button go, you don't need to press it
       any more.
    - After the Softwre is flushed on the ESP32, unplug the power cable and plug it back into the board
    - Fresh the page and press Install again, this will detect that the Boot button is not pressed and prompt you to enter WiFi credentials

2. Plug in white wire from GPIO 14 to the middle femail plug of the BTF-Strip
     - Only Femail Mail wire going to Femail plug of the BTF-Light Strip seems to work
3. Plug in the black Femail to Mail wire on the Ground ESP32 Pin to the female plug of
4. Plug in Red Femail to Mail wire from 5Volts Pin of ESP32 to the red wire of the Femail Plug of BTF-Lights Stripe

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