Why is my fridge not working

Question:'>#f8cac6;">Question: Why is my Fridge not cooling? the fridge won't turn on, it is as if there is no power to the #Compressor. The #fridge has a freezer section that is used to make ice but after it stopped working the freezer is still cold but not making ice.

Solution:'>#bfedd2;">Solution: If the fridge is not working or not turning on check the following to see if everything is right and functional.

1. Check if the Light Bulb is on, if the Light #Bulb is off then examine to see if it went bad.
    - If the Light Bulb went bad or is not functional, then that could be the problem. Work to replace the light Bulb and wait after replacing it to see if the Fridge starts working again.

2. If step one is verified and then there is a chance that the #Compressor isn't receiving power. Do not touch anything to do with #Electricity, call the qualified Electrician to come and take a look. It is better to be safe than try to fix the problem by yourself.

[Tip]: If the Light Bulb is the Issue then hitting or tapping the area where the Light Bulb is connected might start the Fridge for a while, this will help you keep the food at the right #temperature.

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