How to optimize Search Engines to Rank Dynamic Data

Dynamic data is kind of hard to index for Search Engine Optimization because it resides on the Database layer. Search Engines work well with links and the content on the page, therefore you should make sure that other guidelines are followed in order to rank and acquire more users.

Some guideline to follow for optimization is, making sure that every page contains a unique title related to what the page does, for example, if you have a page that allows users to search for friends, the name of the title should reflect the usage of the page with keywords like “Search”, “Friends” so that Web Crawlers can learn from the title.

Search Engine Web Crawlers use Machine Learning techniques to index and understand the relevance of the page. Every page should contain a title and a Meta Description. A Meta Description is a description you insert in an HTML tag that summarizes or describes the page. This Snapshot below shows the description on the StudentPage of .

This HTML tag should appear in the header of the page, this is how Search Engine learns about what is on the page. When Search Engine Crawlers find a Title and a Meta Description tag on your page, they compare the keywords that appear in that Title tag, Meta Description, and Content on the page.

That comparison is what contributes to ranking or ranking the page. Based on their recipe or algorithm to rank only the best web application, it is then determined whether the page is relevant to what the user is searching for or similar to relevant content.

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