How to let users know of your website (SEO)

At this point, We would assume that the Social Media web application has been completed, and now is the time to acquire users. Remember the saying that goes, “When you build it, they come”, sometimes it doesn’t work this way.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes important at this stage,  this is when the application needs to be optimized so that the Search Engine Web Crawlers can find and index your Social Media application.

Just like any other tweaking you can do to a product to make it final, SEO will be that tweaking to the Social Media app, in this case, it requires guidelines to be followed in order to get the intended results. The results do not appear instantaneously, however, it takes approximately three months to start seeing the results.

Google strives to provide the user with valuable information so that the user feels satisfied. This policy should be the same for you as well. Make sure that the information or the application does what you say it does.

Google's Panda Algorithm measures how valuable the content on the website is by how long users stay on your site. It is important to follow rules that are put in place for SEO to be effective and always stay active regarding new features added to Google Search.

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