Exited with error code -532462766

Question: Every time I start an Asp.Net 6 Application from the Console or Powershell, I get the error "Exited with error code -532462766".

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This is because you have specified in the launchSettings.json file that the Profile of your Application Name running from the Console should run in Production Environment/Mode while you try to force/pass in Development as the Environment Variable when running  Asp.Net 6 Application from the Powershell or Windows Terminal.

Steps to recreate.

1. Specify that you want the application to run in Production mode from the launchSettings.json
2. Force the Application to run in the Development Mode from the Windows Terminal or Powershell
3. Result will be  "error code -532462766"

The solution to resolve the error:
1. Run the application in only one mode.
2. If you have defined the 
then just type "dotnet watch run" in Windows Terminal or Powershell.
- Do not type "dotnet watch run --ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Development" while you specify  "ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT": "Production" in the launchSettings.json.

I hope this helps you. Leave a comment if this does help you solve the error.

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