Apex 7000 Cash Acceptor Wont show up on COM Port (shows as Other Devices "FT232R USB UART")

Problem: When working with Apex 7000 Cash Acceptor and plugged into the Server that has a different USB Chip, the Internet Of Things Device does not show up on COM Ports instead it shows up as an FT232R USB UART device that makes it impossible to communicate with C# Code.

- This Cash Acceptor communicates with the System using an R232 Protocal and need the drivers that allow USB plugged into the Server to show up as COM Port so that the communication is established with the Master Node (C#). If the USB does not show up as COM Port then there will be no connection established to the Device.

Solution: The only solution is to Install Drivers that Redirects Traffic from FT232R USB UART data stream to a COM Adptor. Download the drivers called CDM21228 and install using the installer.

- The Website to download the convertor is https://ftdichip.com/drivers/vcp-drivers/
- Download the setup_executable and run it on the machine having problems with USB not showing up on a COM Port. 

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