How to Connect Pyramid Cash Acceptor in Windows 10 (APEX 7000 Series)

Question: How do you configure Pyramid Cash Acceptor APEX 7000 Series to work with Asp.Net Core 3.1 Application C# Code?

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Answer: The APEX 7000 Series Money Acceptor transmits data through Com9 Serial Port Channel. You will have to configure the Cash Acceptor device to communicate on Com9 through Device Manager.

1. Go to your Windows 10 Search Bar and type in "Device Manager"
  - The Device Manager window pops up

2. Expand Port (Com and LPT) and find the name of the APEX 7000 Series Device

3. Right Click on the name of the device and navigate to "Properties"

4. Change the Serial Port to Com9

6. Implement your code and test the integration.


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