How to SSH into Windows 10

Quesiton: How do you ssh into Windows 10?

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Answer: Install open SSH app available in Windows "Apps and Features" section. Follow instruction below:

  1. Go to Windows Search bar located in the lower left-hand side of your Windows Desktop.
  2. Search "Apps and Features"
  3. Click on "Apps and Features" and then click on "Optional features"
  4. Scrow to "OpenSSH Client" and Install it
  5. After the installation is complete, it only takes a few seconds
  6. Go to Services and Start the "OpenSSH Client" Service.
  7. Open Powershell
  8. Get the Computer IP Address
  9. Go to the other computer, open Powershell and type ssh YourComputerUserName@IPAddress
  10. Powershell will prompt you the password.

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