Why Software Design and Architecture is very important

Thorough System Analysis becomes vital to the health of an application, just like any other form of care. Developers need to think about System Architecture and the flow of users from one page to another. Good System Design will save a lot of time when it comes to developing an application. This depends on the kind of application or System to be made, however, a good System Architecture is one that is not complicated to understand, very user-friendly, and easy to navigate.


When planning  Software Design, think about how the user is going to respond to the design. Ask questions like, is the user going to be receptive to the User Interface (UI), will the user be frustrated when it comes to doing simple things like changing the password. Of Course, when it comes to changing user passwords should always adhere to the level of security implemented in the System.

Not only should the focus be on the end user, but also on the Developer, think of  Data Structure, and how the File-System is going to be. Ask important questions like, if a Developer is asked to go change the color of a button, will it be easy to find the button hence changing the color?

How long will it take for a Developer to navigate the legacy System and implement new features? How many Functions or Methods should one Class contain? Will, you compile the Class into Namespaces and then eventually compile them into DLL?

Important questions like that bring you to solutions and start to see a clear picture of System Architecture.
Below is the example of System Design we will be implementing in this course;


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