docker exec -it ContainerID bash

Question: How do you execute commands inside Docker Container running in Azure VM?

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Answer: Use docker exec -it ContainerID bash to remote into a Running Docker Container and inspect your files using plain Linux Command.

docker exec -it ContainerID bash

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The command 'docker exec -it ContainerID bash' is used to execute a shell session in a Docker container. Here's what each part of the command does
* `docker exec`
This is the base command for executing commands in a Docker container. * `-it`
These are options that tell Docker to run the command in an interactive (`-i`) and TTY (`-t`) mode. The `-i` option allows you to interact with the shell session as if it were running on your local machine, while the `-t` option gives the container a pseudo-TTY so that it can display output like a normal terminal. * `ContainerID`
This is the ID of the Docker container you want to run the command in. You can find the ID of a container by running the `docker ps` command. * `bash`
This is the shell session you want to run in the container. In this case, it's the Bash shell. You can replace `bash` with any other shell session you want to use (e.g., `zsh`, `tcsh`, etc.).

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