InkScape Tutorial

1. Curve the tracer and hit ENTER to create an outline.

2. Hold CTRL and click on the Bezier Pen Node to smooth it out.
3. It is good practice to put all shapes on their own layers
4. When using Bezier Pen Tool, make sure the snap cusp node is turned on to be able to snap to other nodes on different layers.
5. To Get rid of the outline, click on the layer, hold CTRL and click on the "X" on the color pallet, the outline will go away.
6. Ctr D to duplicate a path/layer
7. Ctr Shift-drag to Scale down.
8. Play around with the Shapes dropdown menu of the Bezier Pen. If you want to draw some stipes, change the Shap to Elips.
9. If you want to convert to SVG, select all your drawings and go to Path and click on Convert to a path.

1. To remove stroke, highlight object, in the far left corner there is Stroke. Right-click on it and click on "Remove Stroke"

2. Press CTRL B to add to the stroke



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