IIS Web Server Create A Server Farm

IIS Create A Server Farm

             In IIS it is possible to bring all your IIS Web Servers you have on separate Virtual Machine on or from remote Servers to be managed in one central IIS Manager Client. Let me paraphrase, if you have used SQL Server Management to connect to remote SQL Databases Engine on your local machine, IIS Manager Client or Application can be used in the same way as well. For Months, I researched on how to manage multiple Servers using one IIS Manager Application, that way I could create a Server Farm and install a Prox or a Load Balancer that would distribute traffic to other Servers in a Roubin Robbin algorithmic way.


  1. What you will need is to install a plugin for IIS Manager for Remote Administration Link Here
  2. After you install it, stop the Web Server (IIS) and reboot the Server
  3. After the Server restarts, you will notice a new plugin in IIS and shows an option to add a new Server, there you go.

    If you want to include a load balancer or a Reverse Proxy in IIS to distribute traffic amount multiple servers then you will need to install AAR plugin for IIS and the documentation can be found here.


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