Use A Network Attached Drive To Develop An App

If you've owned a Network Attached Drive also known as NAS, you might experience difficulties connecting to it as a central repository to develop an application.

 If you are wondering what am talking about, here is a clear picture. It is always convenient to have a central repository of code, for example, when you are developing an application on a local network, let's say, at home. It is helpful to be able to get access to the files on the network anywhere inside your house or a company as long as you are connected to the network.

When dealing with Network drives, connecting and operating from that drive becomes cumbersome. You might experience an error that says
CMD does not support UNC paths as current directories.
This is because the network drive is considered a UNC path, it's not a path on your computer so, services might not connect to it.

Open up Command Prompt (as an Administratortor) and type in the following: pushd \\titcanic\data 
and you will be able to connect to that drive and work in the folder e.g. using ionic Cordova if you are developing an app.
When you are done just type the following: popd \\yourNetworkDrive to free up resources or return the well know paths the computer.


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