dotnet 8 not running in development mode

Question: How do you make dotnet 8 run in development mode when you run it from the command prompt?

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Answer: Make sure you have created Launch Profile with the port you want the application to listen on.

Then from the Command prompt, run the command:
dotnet run --launch-profile ProfileNameHere

dotnet 8 not running in development mode

Edited Version 2
It seems that you are encountering an error message stating that "dotnet 8 is not running in development mode." This error typically occurs when the .NET Core SDK version 8 is installed on your system, but it is not configured to run in development mode. To resolve this issue, you can try the following steps
1. Open a command prompt or terminal window and navigate to the directory where you have installed the .NET Core SDK version 8. 2. Run the following command to check if the SDK is running in development mode

css dotnet --list-sdks
This will display a list of all the installed .NET Core SDKs on your system, along with their versions and whether they are running in development mode or not. 3. If the SDK version 8 is not running in development mode, you can enable it by running the following command

css dotnet --set-sdk = --enable-development
Replace `` with the name of the SDK version 8 (e.g., "Microsoft.NETCore

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