How to Concatenate all the data in the SQL Table into One Single Row in SQL Server

To generate a fixed-length text from all columns in SQL Server and combine all columns and rows of the entire table into one single you can use the code below:


SELECT @result = CONCAT(
    -- Adjust the width and column names as needed
    LEFT(column1, 20),
    LEFT(column2, 20),
    LEFT(column3, 20)
    -- Add more columns as needed, adjusting the width
FROM your_table;

-- Output the result
SELECT @result AS fixed_length_text;
  1. Replace your_table with the name of your actual table.
  2. Adjust the column names and widths (e.g., LEFT(column1, 20)) for each column value according to your specific requirements.
  3. Add more columns and adjust their widths in the CONCAT function as needed.

This code directly concatenates column values with the specified width and stores the result in the @result variable, which is then selected as fixed_length_text.


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