How to Insert two corresponding columns into a temp table using SQL in Microsoft SQL Server

Question: How do you insert two columns corresponding to each other in a temp table using T-SQL?

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Answer: Here's an example SQL query that selects one column into a temporary table and selects another corresponding column into the same temporary table:

-- Create a temporary table
CREATE TEMP TABLE temp_table_name (
  column1_type DATATYPE,
  column2_type DATATYPE

-- Insert data into the temporary table
INSERT INTO temp_table_name (column1_type, column2_type)
SELECT column1, column2
FROM your_source_table_name;

-- Select data from the temporary table
SELECT column1_type, column2_type
FROM temp_table_name;


In this example, temp_table_name is the name of the temporary table you want to create. You would need to replace column1_type and column2_type with the appropriate data types for the columns you want to select. column1 and column2 are the columns you want to select from your source table, which you would replace with the actual column names from your source table.

Note that the CREATE TEMP TABLE statement creates a temporary table that is only available for the duration of the current database session and is automatically dropped when the session is closed. The INSERT INTO statement is used to insert data from your source table into the temporary table. Finally, the SELECT statement retrieves the data from the temporary table for the selected columns.


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