ExecuteDataReader Error: An error occured while attempting to process your query Incorrect syntax near 'SomeValue'

Question: How do I solve the ExecuteDataReader Error that says System.DataException. An error occured while attempting to process your query Incorrect syntax near 'SomeValue'

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The syntax seems fine - What could be causing this issue the ExecuteDataReader method is used to execute a command (query) against a SqlConnection object. When you call this method, if an exception occurs that includes a message like "An error occurred while attempting to process your query", followed by "Incorrect syntax near SomeValue," then it indicates that the SQL query contains incorrect syntax somewhere near where SomeValue appears.

There are several common causes of ExecuteDataReader syntax errors. One likely source would be missing quotes or parentheses in the query string itself. Another common cause could be invalid table or column names in the query; for example, if some value is not a valid field name in the table specified. You may also need to check whether values contain leading spaces or trailing spaces, since this can cause issues with query execution.


It might also worth checking if there are any typos in the variable values passed into the query string, and make sure the case matches the column names in the query.

Overall, debugging these kinds of exceptions typically involves reviewing the code for any syntax mistakes and making sure all parameters are correct before executing the query.

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