Frigate doesn't detect my Coral USB TPU in Home Assistance

Question: Why is Frigate not detecting my Coral USB TPU in Home Assistance?

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Answer: Make sure that you only have few or no other USBs plugged into the Home Assistant Server. If you have other USBs plugged in to the Processor/Computer then unplug some of them and plug in the Coral USB TPU into the Computer. Then restart the Server/Computer down to the Virtual Machine if you have one.

After the Home Assistant Server is up and running, Make sure that your configuration are as shown below:

    type: edgetpu
    device: usb

This allows the Frigate Addon to find the Coral USB TPU. If you are using the Full Version of Frigate Addon, make sure your disable "Protected Mode" this allows the Addon to  have full privileges to scan the System for USBs.

I hope this helps.


Davison said:

My integration worked just fine.

Posted On: January 08, 2023 9:48:39 AM
Developer said:

Hi @Mark, this issue is still being investigated, it keeps on breaking.

Posted On: January 08, 2023 9:44:30 AM
Mark said:

Did you resolve this issue? I still have problems.

Posted On: January 08, 2023 9:40:49 AM
Josh said:

Testing my app now

Posted On: January 08, 2023 8:46:01 AM

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