What is New in DotNet 7 (Conf 2022 Best Videos)

Here is what I learned in the new release of .Net 7

  1. Dotnet 7 is now in Linux, you can install it from a Linux Console by using the following command

    sudo apt install dotnet7

  2. Asp.Net Core Ubuntu Image has now a Chiseled Image. This means that it is a lightweight image you can find.
    Some Developers would just need to spin up Docker Images without all dependencies that used to come with previous versions of DotNet Images.

    - The Chiseled Image has no root, and it is about 104 MB in size.

  3. You can now build a Docker Container right from Visual Studio or Windows Terminal. In order to do this, you need to add a package called Microsft.Net.Build.Container from Nuget Packages then issue the command below to publish to a Docker Container.

    - dotnet publish -c Release -r  linux-x64 -p PublishProfile=DefaultContainer

  4. In Asp.Net Core 7, Websockets now communicate over Http/2, however, when I tested the implementation this did not work for me.

  5. .Net 7 also supports HTTP/3 however, you need to enable the feature in the code. 
    [Note]: I also tested this feature and did not work, hoping it will work in the next update.

  6. There is a feature called OutPut Caching included in a release of .Net Core 7, am not sure if it is supposed to be different from 
    Response Caching?

    [Note]: I did test this feature and it is hit or miss, some responses were getting cached and some responses were not.
  7. Keynote Dotnet Conf

1. Automated Testing

2. Blazor Quick Grid

3. Building High-Performance Applications using DotNet 7

4. Demo changes in AspNet 7

5. State of Azure in DotNet 7

6. Stackoverflow Archtecture 2022

7. As Always Nick Chapsas has good videos

.Net 7

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