SVT Robotics - .NET Core Take Home Recruiting Assessment

Question: One of SVT's microservices calculates which robot should transport a pallet from point A to point B based on which robot is the closest and has the most battery left if there are multiple in the proximity of the load's location. You'll use a provided API endpoint to create a simplified robot routing API.

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Requirements (demo can be found here: )

  1. .NET Core API with a POST endpoint that accepts and returns data per the above task description i. POST endpoint must be https://localhost:5001/api/robots/closest/ or http://localhost:5000/api/robots/closest/
  2. API can be run locally and tested using Postman or other similar tools
    [Verified and Passed]
  3. Description of what features, functionality, etc. you would add next and how you would implement them - you shouldn't spend more than an hour on this project, so we want to know what you'd do next (and how you'd do it) if you had more time

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    Mostly, I followed all the best practices available to my knowledge. If I had to optimize the Endpoint, I would work on the calculateDistance Algorithm. I don't think it is optimized for Big O Notation.

  4. Use git and GitHub for version control
    [Very much familiar with the technology but did not have time]

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