HTTP Error 500.30 - ASPNET CORE app failed to start

Question: How do you solve for this error in IIS hosting Asp.Net 5: "HTTP Error 500.30 - ASP.NET Core app failed to start" 
Command solution to this issue:
1. The app failed to start
2. The app restarted but then stopped

Answer: To be able to troubleshoot this issue is mainly with the appsettings.json, the error is caused by the unwanted charecter in the appsettings.json. To find out exactly what the cause of the HTTP Error 500.30 is, start an application called EventViewer and navigate to System Events. You will be able to see an Event Log of IIS and the main cause of an Error.

Here are few things to avoid when working with appsettings.json file in Production Environment hosting Asp.Net Core or .Net 5 in IIS.
1. Avoid Copying and Pasting Values into appsettings.json (this will result into pasting unwanted characters and introduce all lots of problems)
2. Stop both the IIS and the App then work on the appsettings.json
3. If the problem persists, open up Powershell as Admin and type iisreset (this will stop and restart the IIS)

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