Mysql Connect to Remote Server

Follow These Instructions to Connect to Remote Server hosting Mysql

            After spending hours of implementing and testing in hope to connect to a remote server hosting Mysql Databases, the key holds in flushing the privileges in MySQL console. That is it.

How to connect to a remote database server.

  1. Make sure you open up port 3306 on your local machine just to be sure connection is going through.
  2. On remote server, create a database or migrate a database.
  3. Create a user and grant necessary privileges and define an IP Address where the connection will be coming from.
  4. Make sure you flush the privileges in order for the new rule to take place
    Make sure, you fill in the blanks with necessary information in order to connect.
  5. Make sure you comment out where it says "bind-address =" in mysqld.cnf file, what this does is it makes Mysql Database Engine listens from traffic coming from localhost only, it forget/ignore all traffic from a remote. So comment it out. 
Using My SQL-Workbench, Set up New Connection
  •    Give it a name
  •    Select Standard (TCP/IP) method of connection
  •    The hostname should be the remote IP Address
  •    Username should be the one created on remote server Mysql database
  •    Put your password in the box says: "Store in Vault"
  •    Test your connection.

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