GitHub Extension for Visual Studio not appearing in Visual Studio 2019

Problem: When you experience problems with Github Extension for Visual Studio 2019 after updating Visual Studio to version 16.6, follow the instruction below:


  1. Open up Visual Studio 2019
  2. Navigate to Extensions
  3. Click on "Installed" this will show you all the installed Visual Studio Extensions.
  4. Notice: GitHub Extension for Visual Studio is disabled. This happens if you've had problems with Visual Studio Performance and Visual Studio 2019 prompted you to disable the GitHub Extension at one point.
  5. Go ahead and "Enable" the Extension
  6. Restart Visual Studio 2019 or in some cases restart your computer.

Let me know if this solution works for you in the comments below.

Question: How do you connect local repository on your Developer Machine with that on GitHub through Visual Studio 2019?

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1. Go to Users/Sources/Repos and create a folder that will hold all your files you want to push to GitHub master branch

2. Click on Team Explorer in Visual Studio

3. Click on Connection, Manage Connection, and click on the top tier Connection header. to be cont..

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