Visual Studio "Cannot detach from one or more process" Object is in a zombie state. Do you want to terminate them instead

#Question: #VisualStudio updates force the application to run in Production mode. This happens when you run the application from the console instead of the Visual Studio run button.

After a while, you try to step in and out of the #debug process, the error "Cannot detach from one or more process: [15600] ApplicationName.exe: Object is in a #zombie state?"

This error is very annoying as I cannot debut the application.

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: This error means that the #Process is hanging, what is causing the process to hang could be other processes like Windows #updating, or less #memory or threads getting overworked.

Things to try to resolve "Object is in a zombie state" error in Visual Studio and #Asp.Net Core.

1. Try to run or debug the application Visual Studio, do not run it from the #Console. If you see the window pop up that says
   "You are debugging a Release build of SomeLibrary.dll." message then is your issue. Make sure that all the libraries application included in your Main Project are all in debug mode.

2. Find out if there are other instances of Visual Studio running on your computer, for example, if you have two Visual Studio IDE open on the same computer might cause problems. If this is the case then close one Visual Studio IDE, clean and rebuilt your solution, and try debugging again.


Jack said:

Thank you, this helped.

Posted On: March 15, 2022 0:23:34 AM

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