Razor MVC Error : An Expression Tree may not contain a dynamic operation

Question: How do you resolve an error that comes in MVC Razor Page when you are trying to bind the Model Attributes to the POCO or DTO Class Model injected into the View from the Controller? the error states "An Expression Tree may not contain a dynamic operation" and then it goes on with a description saying "dynamic: represents a model whose operation will be resolved at runtime".

Any idea on how to solve this error?

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The answer is simple, simply take a look at your model declared at the top of your Razor page or the View. There is a big chance that the @model YourDTOClass is not spelled correctly. If your @model declarative is spelled as @Model YourDTOClass then change it to @model YourDTOClass. This should resolve your issue and the Razor Engine should be able to recognize the Model Injected into the Razor page or the View.

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