Junior/Mid-Level Java Developer


  • Bachelor’s Degree in IT or a related field
  • 1-3 years of Front-End Framework experience 
  • Application Development experience especially on the front end side (80% front end, 20% back end) 
  • Knowledge of all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle
  • Experience with the Programming language, Java
  • Experience with JavaScript
  • Need to have Angular, React, or Vue.js 



  • Database experience (Oracle, MYSQL)


Personality Fit: Since this person is more of a front-end developer they will have more exposure to clients. Need to have a good personality! 


Day to Day:

Insight Global is seeking a Junior/Mid-Level Java Developer to sit downtown in the Cleveland office. This person is being brought on because the team is growing and he needs more front end developers. This person will receive screen mock ups from the manager and they will be implementing those mock ups. They will be testing screens, doing the front end framework for applications for Sherwin's end users. They will need to make sure all of the services are work for the development pages.

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