[Solved] How to responsive videos on Vimeo

Embed Responsive Video with Vimeo

Here is how to embed videos that are responsive using Vimeo;

  1. Click on the link with your video id in it. For example, go the video you want to embed responsively.
  2. If you can see a download button, just beside it, there is a Share button with a play logo on it.
  3. Click on the Share button with a play logo on it.
  4.  A Share this Video windows pops up, and navigate to (click on) "Show options" next to the title "Embed".
  5. A new Share this Video pops up with more options like "Link", "Email" and below the Video itself, there are settings that include a radio button next to "Size" that says "Responsive", click that and copy the code to embed into your HTML divs.


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