[JSON Data and Percent Sign] Passing big data with spaces and characters

Passing big data with spaces and characters through an API end point
When I was making my own production tool using javascript, one important lesson I learned was how to deal with (escaping characters) empty spaces in data. This becomes problematic when passing the huge amount of data through HTTP to the back end. When calling an API, empty spaces get converted to %20, and/or %27 and other characters. 

I used to worry about how to trim all that with characters to normal data or clean data for storage, the solution to this problem is to make sure you inspect every step your data is being passed and see where there is a break in code.


What I did was to inspect every step the data is conveyed to make sure it maintains state and fully synthesized for storage. And sure indeed, I found where the problem was and eventually fixed. The problem was it was failing to pass nvarchar to the data type of DateTime hence breaking the insertion. 


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