[Solved] How to copy data from SQL Management Data Set to Excel

So, I struggled to copy data from SQL Managment dataset to excel, I tried to export the whole data set and it did not work. Then my buddy I used to work with found out how to do it the easy way. That is why I want to share with you just in case you want to copy the entire data set from SQL Server Management to Excel for analysis.

Copy data from SQL Management DataSet to Excel Spreadsheet. 


  1. Query Data in SQL Server
  2. Click in the left corner of the Dataset to highlight all the data in the data set [Click on the blank box found at the far end of the dataset window when you query the Database Table]
  3. Right-click the cell or the grid box to bring up the Copy window and then click (Copy with headers)
  4. When the Copy window pops up, click "Copy with headers" and paste into an Excel Spreadsheet for analysis.


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