How to Test Software Application to Meet Standards

 When it comes to building secure applications it all comes down to whether most of the Test Cases were met. I would encourage you to come up with Test Cases for testing your application, write down all the requirements needed for your application to function, and make the user feel that the application is valuable. After that, develop a Test Plan where you will write and categorize those Test Cases for brainstorming. A Test Case should go like this; If you are testing the Logging module of your application;

  • Make sure that a user can log in and log out

  • Try Logging in with the wrong password and username

  • Try all possible combinations to break the application and think of ways a user could gain access to your application without getting authorized/authenticated

  • Explore the Authentication System you are using and find ways to make it secure

  • Make sure you keep your Test Cases organized for easy access

  • Choose whether to automate your Test Cases or go manual

  • Cover a wide range of Test Cases so that the Application can be useful

  • Test for performance

  • Test for Accessibility

  • Test Cold Startups, how fast an application starts

  • Look for Post Backs, when the button is clicked how many times does it Post Back

  • Watch out for CDNs, sometimes it can slow down your application.

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