Sometimes when working in 5 MVC Application specifically in the Front-End, you might find out that onChange() function does not work after text box value changes. 

- For Example: if you want to submit a form when textbox value changes and you noticed that the form does not submit until you tap or click somewhere on the page to remove focus from the text box. The solution is below:

Solution: onChange() event listener only works when the control or text input/box is blurred. Instead of onChange() event litener use onKeyup() event listener to submit the form when the value changes in the textbox.

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Best Practices of Creating Store Procedures

1. Do not include the Schema (Database Name in your Store Procedures) name as the Schema name is bound to change any time your boss asks you to change the Database name then you have to go back and change all the Store Procedures pointing to your Database name.
    Instead Avoid writing Store Proc as From [NameOfDatabase].[dbo].[NameOfTable], write it as [dbo].[NameOfTable]

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Eventually, use classes to define the template. Create CSS classes that define the logic for UI controls on the other side enjoying the Bootstrap classes. The Idea is that if you want to change the color of one badge the changes will propagate to the rest of the application.

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