How to Make a Social Media Website in Asp.Net: Asp.Net 6 and C-Sharp, Make Social Media Web App in 20 steps. Use SQL Server Database for HTML5, MVC, Razor and CSS3 for styling. Kindle Edition

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In this book, we will look at how to make our Social Media Application to share with family and friends. This project will teach you more things you didn’t know about making your Social Media Application and will open up doors for you to explore your interest in Information Technology.
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The benefit this project will bring to you is the ability to make something with your hands and share it with family and friends. Who knows, by continuous development, it might be the next project to solve the problems of today.

The system we will be making is a simple, not too complicated Social Media Web Application that allows users to sign up for an account and create user profiles. This Web Application will take into account, the Security aspect of the modern Web Application and consider several important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goals with respect to ranking in Google Search.

After developing our own Social Media Application, we will look at how to deploy the Web Application in the production environment so that users can start signing up for accounts and start using the application. Yeah, excited? Let's go!

Who this book is for; If you are a beginner like how I started Software Development, then this book will teach you the requirements needed to succeed in the Information Technology Career space. If, you have experience with one or two programming languages and know the terms used in Software Development this book will have an impact on your skill. It gives a broad vision of the Information Technology road map that no one shows in the simplest way to understand.

The author got tired of the jargon used in Information Technology and hopped for a simpler way to explain the basic truth to what is viewed as a complex area of study.

This book does exactly that, it teaches you the basic concept of Programming your Social Media Web Application and provides insights into the more complex topics such as Security and Scalability.

The author wrote this book to reflect on what had been accumulated over the years of Software Development to bring forth important topics to concentrate on for optimal results.

This book does not promise you results overnight, it takes years to achieve desired results, however, this book helps readers jumpstart their career to another level.

Through curiosity and research, the author shared a grim amount of tips and tricks to making a Secure Application. Inside the book, you will find illustrations with pictures to convey the best message to what is articulated.

About the Author

Ernest has written E-Books about Art, Ethics, and Technology. He holds an Associates's degree in Computer Programming and Development. Ernest is a self-taught artist and a Software Developer.

It is the ability to research numerous topics and bring insights to leading topics that motivate the Author to write Articles as well as E-Books. His work can be followed at his website including his array of mobile applications.

Condition: New

Perks: E-Book, Delivered to you email,

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