Best Way to Test for Media Query Front End Development

Best Way to Implement and Test for Media Query

I came to realize that when developing for responsive layout, sometimes the results do not come to be as expected. Off course, the responsiveness of the Website Layout can be achieved by using third-party cdn's or plugins like Boostrap or React, but what happens when you work with a project that does not have those technologies implemented? This is when knowing how Media Queries (if you are Front-End Developer) becomes really helpful.

Note: First, there are more talks out there to start testing the layout with a DevTools opened, I came to find out that the result you get when the DevTool is open becomes different when the DevTool is closed.

- Make sure you actually test using the Browser itself, only utilize the DevTools to get the Media Query Break-Points but remember to test using other Browsers, Browser versions as well as on Different Operating Systems.